The 4 Engines of Hope

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“Towards a Stronger Israel as Or Lagoyim”

Israel is facing four major risks, which are threatening the future of its next generations:

  • Israel is becoming a one-state bi-national state, as current bilateral talks will fail if not
    extended towards a regional approach which aims to end the Israeli-Arab conflict;
  • Israel’s education systems are weakening, risking the loss of Israel’s technological
    competitive edge, while its enemies are gaining momentum;
  • Israel’s social cohesion and economic growth are at risk, as socio economic gaps are
    widening, while economic growth is at risk, and young people are leaving.
  • Israel’s democracy and citizens’ domestic security are at risk. We define citizens’ security
    as the combination of excellence in the justice system, democratic culture and legislation,
    healthcare, the environment and the fight against crime.

These are not just existential risks for Israel, but they are relevant to all progressive Jewish
communities globally, who look at Israel as a role model and want to associate with Zionism and
Israel as the home of the entire Jewish people. In fact, the future generations of the Jewish people,
in Israel and abroad, must see a horizon and a vision with hope to address these risks.

In addition to Iran problem and the need to fight Islamist radical terrorism, where an international
coalition effort is required beyond just an isolated Israeli initiative, these four major risks are
entirely within the control of Israeli leaders, who ignite and lead.

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